Relaunching Songhacks

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Welcome to the new Songhacks website! This is my third attempt to create a coherent platform for my music teaching stuff, there’s not much here yet but please take a look around and make yourself at home.

I have been involved in music education for a number of years now and I get great satisfaction from helping to draw out the creative potential of learners. With that in mind, I’ve been developing Songhacks as a means of furthering my reach and helping more people than I can in my local area.

To achieve your full potential, it’s important to believe yourself to be valuable and up to the task of being who you are. I always have this idea in the back of my mind when I’m teaching and I want Songhacks to be a reflection of my own efforts at continued development; the more I do that, the more I will be able to assist others to do the same.

The first couple of incarnations of Songhacks weren’t quite right, the things I was doing didn’t respect the balance I needed to achieve in order to nurture my own self esteem and achieve my values. I made a podcast that I was hoping would help drive my own songwriting, in the end though, it took so much time that I had none left for the actual business of writing songs. I also started a vlog that ran out of steam for similar reasons. Since then, I have put a lot of time into my own work as an artist, I made a new website and now I feel I have the headspace to revisit my Songhacks vision. I have a more realistic idea of what I can achieve in each of the important areas of my life and I only know that because of the experiments I’ve already run.

As Thomas Edison is reputed to have said, in regards to the invention of the lightbulb, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. I often mention that to frustrated students that are struggling to master a technique, resolve a chord progression or finish a troublesome lyric and I’m trying my best to live by that sentiment myself.

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